Slavic Brides – Dream Wives for Westerners

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By reading our article, you will find out exactly why Slavic women are the number one choice for thousands of men from around the world. The article will educate readers on the pluses of having such a woman by your side and why it is such a great idea. Firstly we have to start with Western women. There are more divorces in the West than ever before. Men are getting tired of divorce in countries like America and the UK.

It is where Slavic brides come into the picture. In countries such as Ukraine and Russia, there are far fewer divorces, couples stay together through good and bad times. It appeals to divorced forty-year-old American men who hope to find love. It is why there is such a huge demand for Slavic ladies looking for marriage on dating sites.

Another reason why Western men love the idea of being with such women is their look. There is no doubt local girls are some of the most beautiful women on the planet. They are sought after from all over the globe. Russian and Ukrainian women come in all types, blonde hair, dark hair, ginger hair. But one thing they have in common is they all look great and are always in shape. The body image of a Slavic bride is super important, and it is why they are always in the gym keeping fit.

young sexy Slavic woman

Find Slavic Women Online🧡

Alina 25 y.o.
Eleanor 27 y.o.
Makeup Artist
Tatiana 26 y.o.
Victoria 22 y.o.
Anastasia 28 y.o.
Hannah 24 y.o.
Art Director

Why Slavic Brides Different from American Brides?

There is such a long list of reasons why local brides are different from Western girls. It is because of these differences that men from the West find them attractive. The main difference is the fact single Slavic ladies are true females. It means they are feminine to their bones, and they look like women at all times, whether they are heading to the local supermarket or going out for dinner.

American ladies do not make such an effort looking feminine. Wanting to be a female in relationships is not so important in Western culture nowadays. Many women from America earn more money than their husbands and work longer hours. So, men often prepare dinner for the family and wait for his wife to return from work. It does not exist in Eastern Europe. These girls want to be at home cooking and making sure their partner has food served on the table.

With Slavic mail order brides, they pride themselves on being the woman in any relationship. They learn to cook and take care of the home from a young age. It also makes their partner feel like a man, and that is something that American men like. A local woman makes sure that the relationship dynamic is the correct way, there is no confusion. Unfortunately, in the West, this has been lost. American women are taking the role of the alpha male in many cases. Slavic mail brides take care of their partner like no other woman. They are caring and considerate.

Another benefit of being with a woman from Eastern Europe is they are loyal and trustworthy. Slavic ladies are willing to stand by your side through good and bad times. It is not the case with American women. The divorce rate in America and the West, in general, is extremely high, as soon as there is a little bump in the road, one partner will want to divorce the other. The days of death till us part are gone in the West. This is why so many American gentlemen are seeking alternatives to the Western woman. There is no better alternative than a local bride.

Tips on Dating Slavic Brides

There are no rules when you start dating hot Slavic chicks, but you must just use your common sense. There are still a few tips we need to share with those Westerners who have never dated single ladies from Ukraine, Russia, or Poland:

  • Slavic wives like a guy to be polite and considerate and have good manners. These are just basic requirements most men understand. It is always a good idea to listen and ask questions when you are on a date with a Slavic girl for marriage, they like this. One thing is they enjoy it when their partners take the lead. Slavic brides love the guy to take control of situations.
  • Date Slavic girl is something you need to enjoy. It is something that will bring you such joy. You will be sat at a table opposite an attractive Slavic bride eating some fine food with a glass of wine, what more do you need in life. You will find Slavic brides for marriage are incredibly intelligent and funny. They are up to date with all the latest news from around the world and can discuss many subjects.
  • Hot Slavic ladies are also used to speaking in English, so communication will not be a problem. One thing that you will certainly notice is how classy Poland girl for marriage is. You will be so proud to be with such a bride on a hot date. The best thing about going on a date with a Slavic bride is the fact they are women looking for American men. It puts Western men in a great position.

Where to Meet Slavic Brides?

There are numerous places to meet an amazing mail order girlfriend иut the best way to meet your love is online through the various dating platforms. With these sites, you can chat with thousands of incredibly beautiful Slavic singles who hope to find love. There have been so many success stories shared by millions who found their love and soulmates.

The best thing about joining these dating platforms is meeting like-minded people who are also seeking love and romance online. There are plenty of Eastern European brides who want to meet Western partners through these platforms every day. To find a mail order bride Poland is easy when you head to the right sites. What we can say is once you meet a Slavic beauty, your life will never be the same again.

Top 3 Dating Sites to Meet Slavic Women

Elena’s Models

Elena’s Models main page

This dating platform offers clients the chance to meet the ideal bride for marriage. The days of you being lonely and single will end when you visit the popular Eastern European platform. There are many beautiful Russian ladies for marriage on this site who want to meet American guys and build a family.


  • Thousands of amazing brides
  • Membership options
  • Easy site navigation


  • No free option


There are different options when it comes to memberships. The first is the Gold membership. This is $10 per month and allows users to send messages to 50 contacts.

Also, to view all photos of women on the platform. Check out the monthly prices for different types of membership:

  • The Platinum options will cost users $58.25 per month. This gives access to unlimited amounts of contacts, unlimited mail and messages, and live video chat.
  • The Ultimate option, which costs $99.58, allows clients unlimited access to everything plus some additional benefits of profile verifications of 5 users and an 8hr coaching audio.

There is also an option if you prefer not to be tied to membership. They can pay $20 and have unlimited contact with one user. By paying $25, you will have an instant chat option with 1 user. The last option is to have an unlimited video chat with 1 user by paying $30.

Slavic Girl Marriage Agency

Slavic Girl Marriage Agency

This platform loves to help international men find their Slavic wife. This website has been running since 2000 and has had amazing success over the years. They pride themselves on helping Western men meet their fiance. To find a Slavic mail order bride through this platform is easy and fast.


  • Gift delivery
  • Video date
  • Personal tour organized
  • Accommodation booking


  • Difficult navigation


At Slavic Girl Agency, there are some free options users can take advantage of, such as Profile registration, view ladies photos, send a wink, and chat request. The paid options allow foreign men to use credits to send messages and chat with as many Slavic women for marriage as they desire.

The best thing about a credit system is that users are able to buy as many as they need:

  • 10 credits – $15
  • 20 credits – $25
  • 50 credits – $57.50
  • 200 credits – $230


RussianCupid main page

With this dating platform, users can expect over two million members interested in long term relationships and a happy life with a partner. Clients of this platform can rest assured they are safe and secure, as they are backed by Cupid Media, which runs 30 reputable sites.


  • Huge choice of chat options
  • Easy site to search
  • Beautiful girls
  • Nice photos available


  • High cost


When single men visit the platform in order to meet girlfriends, there are some free options available, which always puts a smile on our faces. Unlike a dating site in Poland, this platform can get good results and fast. Users who would like the free option can access photos, show interest in others, communicate with other members.

Below you can see the Gold membership prices:

  • 1 month – $39.98
  • 3 months – $69.99
  • 12 months – $139.98

There is also the Platinum option, which gives even better access:

  • 1 month – $44.99
  • 3 months – $79.99
  • 12 months – $159.99


How Loyal are Slavic Brides?

They are very loyal. This is one of the main reasons, so many American men want to be with such brides. They are very keen on starting a family with the man of their dreams, and divorce is not an option in a local bride’s mind.

Where To Get Slavic Brides?

There are various options to find a Slavic wife, the best one and most popular is through the amazing dating websites that cater to Western men. But it is also a good option to travel to Eastern Europe and head to the many bars and clubs seeking a Slavic girl looking for marriage.

Are Slavic Girls Easy?

No, they are respectful women who want to meet polite and respectful husbands. Many people ask, “Do Slavic women like American men”? The answer is absolutely. Slavic girls love the idea of being with an American or Western man and changing their life. It will not be difficult for an American man to find a Slavic wife.

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