Polish Dating Culture

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Have you ever wondered why many men set their eyes to these lovely women? Not only do they have bewitching beauty but also amazing character traits that make them fit for perfect wives. They have blonde hair, big pretty eyes, and a sexy figure that drives every man crazy. They also know how to take care of their bodies by doing workouts and being on a diet. When a polish girl loves, she loves wholeheartedly. The love she haves for you make her have no eyes to any other man. They are also caring wives and ensure that her family is well taken cared of. They also have attributes like respectful, responsible, hardworking, independent, and family-oriented. These attributes make every man t make them their wives.

 However, it is easy said than done. It is not a straight forward thing when it comes to dating a polish girl. Unlike other brides, you will have to come up with an effective strategy for you to win the heart of these ladies. It shows how precious they are. There are certain Poland dating cultures you will have to follow or else fail to win their hearts. The following are the tips you can use to court them and win them successfully. 

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Polish Dating Etiquette

If you want to be successful in courting a polish lady, here are some of the tips you can use.

Always Be On Time

There is a myth that many men like to follow. That for a woman to want you more, you have to keep her waiting. Well, as much as this might work for you with other girls, it will never work for you with polish brides. There is nothing that these singles value the most like time. Even in the universities, if lecturers are late, the students will give them an allowance of 15 minutes, and they go back home. That shows how valuable time is to the people of Poland. Once you find a Poland girl and you arrange for a date with her, it is a must that you are on time. You should reach some minutes earlier. It will show that you respect her, and it will give you an upper hand in courting her. If you know you may end up coming late, you better notify her in advance so that you may make the situation smooth.

Know the Flower Customs

Many relationships fade away because there are no recipes to spice things up. There are many ways one can spice their relationships, and one of them is by buying flowers to your loved one. It may seem to be something primitive, but it can do wonders for your relationship. Buying flowers for your loved ones is a sign that you love and cherish love. However, in Poland, not all flowers signify love. There are many flowers with different colors. For instance, the red flower showed that your relationship is full of romance. For a first time date, it would not be appropriate to give her this flower. A yellow flower means envy and betrayal. If you want to make her disappear from your life, then give her this flower. Another flower is a blue flower that symbolizes faithfulness. Once your relationship has grown, now you can give her this flower. The most appropriate flower to give her on her first date is pink. It is because this flower symbolizes friendship that could turn into something more. By doing this, you will be secretly telling her that you want a long-term relationship with her soon.

Pay the Bills

Paying off bills may seem to be a simple thing, but if not handled cautiously, it can put you into trouble. Tradition points out that it is the responsibility of the man to pay all the bills. However, to some women, they may take it negatively. They may think that maybe you are despising them and end up getting mad at you. Other customs suggest that the one who has called for the invitation is the one responsible for paying the bills. The handling of bills maybe sometimes challenging. Dating in Poland requires you to be tactful. To be on a safe side, when you go on a date with a polish lady, offer to pay the bills like twice. If she insists and refuses, respect her decisions, and split the bill.

Maneuvering the Greetings

Many people fail in relationships because of rushing things. Things that one should do when they are a couple with the girl they are courting. Many people do them at the starting of their relationship. For instance, during your first meeting, you go straight in kissing the hand of the girl. Doing this at the early stages may put you into trouble because you don’t know how the girl will take it. Some Poland ladies see this act as something old-fashioned. Therefore you should wait and know her better and know if she likes it or not. The most appropriate way to greet a polish bride for the first time is by a handshake, saying hi, or a kiss on the cheek. 

Walk Her to the Public Transport

This aspect is an area where many guys fail. After finishing the date, it is good that you know what you will do next. Some men will walk the girl to their places. In Poland, girls see these as an out-dated act, and they will get bored with you. You should always leave a window for the girl to miss you and avoid staying with her for long. Others may not even walk them to the bus stop. Once they finish the date, they say their goodbyes and take off. When you do this with Poland women, they will think that you are not interested in them, and it will make your date fail. What you should do is to walk them to the public transport and ensure that she boards the car safely.

Where To Find Them 

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Dating in Poland is one of the best things that can happen in any one’s life. These polish women have such amazing attributes. By following the above polish dating rules, what else could be keeping you waiting?

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