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There are so many different myths about famous Polish ladies. Thousands of men from different countries come to Europe to finally meet these beauties. Of course, not all of these men succeed in this matter, but only because they didn’t know the secret of Polish girls. Like with any other girl, your relationship with a Polish girl will have a few stages, and it may differ from your relationships with other Eastern European brides. That’s why we decided to create this article that might be really helpful in your relationship with Polish ladies. 

Best Polish Mail Order Brides Services

If you want to meet a Polish woman but still you do not feel that you’re ready to move to another country, we have a solution for you. And the solution to your problem is named dating sites. Yes, you heard us right. If you’re not ready to move to another country to meet your girl, why not you should take advantage of this? We assure you that this is a perfect way to meet Poland girls. 


Sympatia.com is one of the most popular dating sites in Poland. You can ask probably every girl in Poland, and most local ladies will tell you that they are using this website. It was founded in 2004, and from that time it has become popular in Poland and abroad. For the year 2023, it has around 5.5 million active users and this number is still growing. So if you’re looking for a reliable platform Sympatia.pl is a perfect choice. 


This site is another great opportunity to meet Polish brides. Unlike the previous site, EDarling.pl is a perfect service for men who are looking for experienced women. Here you will be able to meet thousands of beautiful local ladies in full vigor. What is more important is that all girls from this dating platform are totally into serious relationships. So here you for sure will find a future wife who adores household chores. 

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If you want to become a foreign husband for your Poland bride, then Mydwoje.pl is a perfect choice for you. This platform connects local ladies with their couples for almost 15 years since its creation in 2007. From pleasant advantages, we can name the fast registration process, the ability to use the platform absolutely free, and what is more important a good chance to find your love in Poland. 

“We recommend you to choose a few sites at first and after use focus on one which you liked the most.”

What Are Polish Women Like?

All local ladies are perfect examples of how real European women look like. They are all beautiful, intelligent, and well-mannered. Once you meet one of these amazing beauties, you will never forget them. Most Polish women always have perfect makeup and nice hairstyles, and like other Slavic women, they spend a lot on their appearance. 

Natural Beauty

Once you meet a Polish lady, you will notice her similarity with other Slavic girls of Eastern Europe. For example, most local ladies will have a very light natural appearance. For example, most of them have blue or gray eyes, and usually, girls in Poland have blonde or light brown hair. Their skin tone is also usually light, and you barely will see a tanned girl here. Nevertheless, these girls are professional in makeup and fashion trends. So you will be able to see them exceptionally beautiful with and without makeup. 

Feminine Figures

A well-known Slavic beauty also expands with local ladies. The fact is that girls in this country have amazing figures. They have amazing curvy figures that make men around the world conquer the hearts of Polish women. The genuine interest is also caused by the fact that Polish girls know how to use their beauty to attract men. 

Religious Сonsciousness

This point relates more to the character of Polish women. It lies in the fact that most Polish women are adherents of the Catholic church. For some men, even from Western Europe, it may sound strange that these women go to Church every Sunday and celebrate with special respect all Christian holidays. That, all along with the traditional upbringing in most Poland families, make them really religious persons. 

“That’s why we recommend you to be loyal to the Catholic church and especially the Pope once you start dating a Poland girl. Otherwise, you’re risking losing her forever.”

polish girlfriends

Do Polish Women Make Good Wives?

The one thing you should understand is that you will never find such a perfect wife as Polish in other countries. Polish women collected in themselves everything that every man is looking for in their wives. If you feel intrigued, let’s take a closer look at local ladies in the roles of wives. 

They Are Family Oriented

If you have chosen a Polish girl for marriage, you can rest assured that there will be nothing more important to her than you and your newborn family. Be sure that once she becomes your wife, a Polish girl will spend all the time with you. Between family and work, she will choose family. 

They Are Caring

When it comes to loved ones, Polish women will give all of them to their families. Especially when it comes to children, be sure that you will never meet such a good mother in any other Central or Eastern European country because Polish women are exceptional at this point. 

They Make Good Housewives

Polish women are also perfect when it comes to any household chores. No matter if it concerns a family supper or house cleaning. These ladies will manage everything. But of course, Polish women expect their husbands to help them, so you should be ready for that. 

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

If you want to look successful near Polish women, you need to understand how you should treat them right. Most men underestimate their characters when it comes to dating women. However, it’s in vain since the best way to make a girl fall in love with you it’s not the way you look, it’s the way you treat her. 

Traits that Polish girls adoreTraits that Polish girls do not like
All local ladies, without any exception, love confident guys. Be sure that even if you are dating online a Polish girl online, she will appreciate your confident attitude. Polish girls do not like spleeny guys. Polish women tend to find a guy who will take responsibility for their future family. That’s why you need to be confident.
Polish women love guys with a sense of humor. So if you want to make a Polish girl fall in love with you, just be funny. Do not be too serious. If you do not want to make your first date with a Polish girl your last date, do not be a nerd. 
Without exception, all Polish girls like caring guys. That’s why you need to show how important women of Poland are to you. Once you start dating, do not stop being caring. You need to show your love to Polish girls. 

“No matter what, do not pretend to be someone else. Because in this case, you are risking staying alone.”

Top 10 Polish Women

In this section, we have selected the top 10 of the most beautiful and successful women in the history of Poland. So, you will be able to see with your own eyes real Poland beauty. 

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa

Joanna is one of the most famous and beautiful women in Poland. This amazing lady had a successful career as a model, actress, and even an animal rights protector. By the way, most men could recognize her from the Playboy cover. And it’s not strange since she is also known as one of the hottest women in the world. By the way, Joanna is a well-known influencer and blogger with a high audience. 

Anja Rubik

Anja Rubik

Anja was born in a small town in Poland named Rzeszow. However, that didn’t stop her from being one of the most famous Polish models. This woman appeared in the most famous fashion magazine – Vogue. She also has taken part in shows from such fashion houses as Valentino and Armani. 

Magdalena Frackowiak

Magdalena Frackowiak

Magdalena is another famous Polish woman. She became famous due to her modeling career, and also she is known for designing jewelry. Currently, she is working with a lot of different fashion houses, such as Louis Vuitton and other popular couturiers. 

Monika Pietrasinska

Monika Pietrasinska

Monika became famous due to her television career, which she started at the age of 9 years old. From that time, she didn’t disappear from the TV screens and only began to increase her popularity. Also, she worked as a lingerie model and showed up on the most popular magazine covers, including Vogue and Maxim. 

Anna Draganska

Anna Draganska

This woman is one of the most recognizable Poland mannequins in the world. Till the year 2023, Anna built a successful career as a model. And by the way, she still has a lot of influence on the modern modeling world. 

Magdalena Mielcarz

Magdalena Mielcarz

We are sure for one hundred percent that you have seen Magdalena at least once in your life. She has been starring in a lot of the most popular Hollywood movies. Also, you probably have seen her in the advertising of L’Oreal since she is the first Polish woman signed up for this role.

Izabella Mikko

Izabella Miko

This woman has a perfect reputation in Poland. She is an actress, producer, and even the protector of the environment. This woman has a special place in the hearts of Poland people. Her amazing acting career can be explained by her parents, who also were actors. 

Monika Lewczuk

Monika Lewczuk

Monika is a perfect example of a woman who succeeds in all areas of life. During her life, she succeeds as a singer, songwriter, model, and even the winner of the most famous beauty contests. Her wave of fame started after she took part in the fifth season of the Voice of Poland. 

Sandra Kubicka

Sandra Kubicka

Probably you have seen this rising Polish star in the popular movie Dancing with the stars. But Sandra is not only known for her modeling career. She often appears on Victoria’s Secret shows as an angel

Marie Curie

This woman needs no introduction. She is one of the most famous local ladies in Modern History. Marie Curie is the first woman to receive the Nobel prize, and by the way, she brought women’s rights to a new level in this country. That’s why we decided to finish our list with this amazing woman.

Where to Meet Polish Women in Poland?

If you decide to meet Polish women directly in their country, you’re probably interested in some popular places where you will be able to meet them and know more about Polish dating culture. We decided not to write here about some of the biggest Polish towns. Instead, we’ll provide you with the most popular places in Poland. 

  • Saxon garden. This is the public garden in Warsaw that is well-known for a huge amount of girls, especially in the daytime. So if you’re ready to meet girls in life, it’s the perfect solution for you. 
  • Opera Club. Another great way to meet local ladies is through some popular nightclubs. Be sure that you will not leave Opera Club without a few numbers of hot Polish chicks. 

Where to Meet Polish Women Online?

As we have already mentioned before, the best way to meet Polish girls is through Polish dating sites. Among some advantages of this type of dating, we can name more options for communication and a flexible credit system. To find a suitable dating app, you just need to type in Google meet Polish women online, and you will receive plenty of results for this matter. However, here is our list of best dating sites:

  • Sympatia.pl
  • eDarling.pl
  • Mydwoje.pl

Some Guiding Tips on Dating a Polish Woman

To make your first date with one of the Polish beauties, we have collected some useful tips that will help you to make her fall in love with you. 

  • Be romantic. If you want to conquer the heart of a Polish girl, make small presents for her on every date.
  • Be funny. Do not be too serious and make her laugh every time. 
  • Be patient. Try not to rush things too fast. Everything will be just in time. 

Final Thoughts About Polish Women

If you have been dreaming of a perfect girl that will become your wife, then a Polish woman is a perfect choice. Once you start dating this beauty, you will understand why Polish women are considered one of the most feminine in the world. She will give you all her love, care, and support. With such a woman, you can count on a happy marriage till the end of your life.

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Where Can a Foreigner Meet Polish Girls for Dating?

If you’re a foreigner and you want to meet a Polish girl. There are two ways you can meet her: online with help of dating sites and offline directly in Poland. 

Is It Acceptable for Polish Women to Marry a Foreigner?

For sure, it’s absolutely acceptable for Polish women and Polish society. So if you’re willing to marry one of those Polish beauties, you will be able to do it. And what is more important, you can do it directly in Poland or in your homeland. 

What Are Polish Women Like?

Without any doubt, Polish women are beautiful, smart, and seductive. Once you meet a Polish girl, you will forget that other girl existed.